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Third World Spine Health Forum and the 14th National Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine Academic Exchange Conference

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内容摘要:Third World Spine Health Forum and the 14th National Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine Academic Exchange Conference (2018&mid...

 (2018·Nan Ning)

Essay and Conference Notices


In response to the call of WHO Ninth Global Health Promotion Conference, share experience in countries of all ethnic groups in maintaining the health of the spine. "The third world spine Health Forum and the Fourteenth National Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine Academic Exchange Conference " sponsored by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies WFCMS, hosted by Spinal Health Specialty Committee of WFCMSGuangxi International Zhuang Medicine Hospital and the Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Spinal Health Specialty Committee of Guangxi Association of Chinese Medicine, and the Beijing Yi-zong Spinal Orthopedics Medical Institute, will be on December 8 to 9, 2018 (sign in December 7) held in Nan Ning City, Guangxi, China now will inform the following meeting related matters. 

I. The essay:

1. The content:

(1) Spinal motion biomechanics and other basic theoretical research

(2) The experience of diagnosis and treatment of spinal difficult diseases (cervical curvature smaller type cervical spondylosis, neck-shoulder syndrome, acute cervical disc herniation, cervical spinal stenosis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, adolescent scoliosis and spinal surgery secondary disease or complications etc.) 

(3) Acupuncture and moxibustion (including stiletto needle or beryllium-pin) and manipulation for the diagnosis and treatment of spine disease experience

(4) The clinical report of Spinal minimally invasive surgical treatment of spinal disease

(5) Spine sub-health care experience

(6) Spinal health drugs, equipment research experience

2. The paper requirements: The paper must have 200 words in Chinese and English abstract, Chinese does not exceed 4000 words, and translated into English, such as the English translation that have difficulty, please contact the Secretariat.

3. The paper deadline: Oct 30, 2018, overdue not accepted

4. Participating papers will organize experts to award outstanding paper award

 II. Participants:

1. All members of Spinal Health Specialty Committee of WFCMS and the Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine and Spine hygienist.

2. Domestic and foreign medical institutions at all levels engaged in traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine and integrative medicine spinal health, medical, nursing, rehabilitation, professional sports, health care and equipment,

 III. The General Assembly content and schedule (the following time are Chinese time)

1. Sign in date: December 7th

2. The conference: December 8th to 9th 

3. Meeting place: Guangxi International Zhuang Medicine Hospital

 IV. Conference fee of 200 US dollars / person for foreign representative, the representative from other provinces and cities including China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be service charge 800RMB / person, and the representative from Guangxi and Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and other poor provinces free conference fee, only pay 400 yuan per person. Accommodations take care of themselves, meals unified arrangement.

 V. Attending receipt:

In order to make proper arrangement, please attend the meeting personnel, please refer to the electronic version of the paper and edit your information: name, gender, age, work unit, Professional title, mobile phone, e-mail, etc., via email to our contacts.



 VI. Contact information:

ZHOU Honghai 15277093599YANG Shuwen 13521014980

LIANG Shuyong 13387716191TAN Shusheng 13878147283  

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